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My First 30 Days as a Pet Industry Consultant

Wow, it feels like at least two months since I first announced the launch of AIERY, but it's only been 30 days! The pet industry consulting inquiries and conversations have been incredibly enlightening, offering a window into global pet industry trends.

Trend 1: International Growth

Approximately half of our inquiries come from internatinoal entrepreneurs, many inspired by US brands, aiming to emulate and innovate beyond current US market stages. For instance, overseas entrepreneurs are skipping years of trial and error in dog daycare facilities by adopting refinded, tested solutions like optimal flooring, advanced HVAC systems, and noise control solutions from day one.

I've been particularly impressed by one entrepreneur, Rahul Ranjan, and have become an advisor to his company, Awwzo. There's huge (and exciting!) potential globally - if you're looking to start or grow a dog daycare, boarding, or grooming facility, reach out of book a free intro call.

Trend 2: Platforms

There's a surge in attempts to create the "next big thing in pet care" - online platforms for booking pet care services. Some are tackling daycare first, others daycare and boarding, but the most common service they are trying to capture via recruiting small businesses is grooming. I spent more than a year as the GM for , and even with our "insider advantage" as part of the Mars Petcare family, it was a big, big lift. Given (a lot) more time I believe we would have made more inroads with pet care professionals and successfully grown one market at a time, a la Resy. For anyone looking at this path, shoot me a message, or make an appointment, there were many lessons I learned on that ride.

Trend 3: Apps

The demand for creating a community of pet parents through online apps continues (regular engagement = magic) with many seeking to connect users with certified trainers or offer online/in-app dog training. As the industry continues to shift back from pure digital to hybrid models, these platforms are adapting rapidly leading to more:

Trend 4: Brick-and-mortar

Nothing compares to the thrill of opening your own space, and we have heard from a lot of folks in various stages of opening. Becauses of that, Aiery is launching a new "Countdown to Grand Opening (GO)" package to guide entrepreneurs from concept to launch, combining toolkits, facility specs, and one-on-one coaching calls to keep you on track and accountable.

Stay tuned for the official program launch in early Mary, or message me for a sneak peek. With more than 50 pet care facilities launched, we have a wealth of experience to share. (that, and we know how lonely, and sometimes scary, it can be - especially when signing a 5 or 10-year lease!)

Loving every minute of my new adventure in this vibrant industry!



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